Embracing Heart Supportive Services is a certified special needs services provider specializing in supported residential services for persons with disabilities, supported living, respite and extended family home.

Embracing Heart Supportive Service is passionate about providing care and empowering people living with developmental disabilities to reach their fullest potential in order to live meaningful, fulfilling lives.

We pride and dedicate ourselves to providing excellent and suportive services to your loved ones. We require our team to present themselves, the services we provide, and the people we provide them to, with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Supported Living

Support is provided in the community for an individual eligible for developmental disability services, with no more than two other individuals.

Extended Family Home
Extended Family Home

A residence for no more than two individuals with developmental with disabilities, owned or leased by the subcontractor providing supports.

Supported Living
Day and residential services

Services are provided at various integrated community settings that are operated by EHSS, each independently operated as a single setting, continuously staffed and with no more than 3 individuals residing at the setting.

Respite Services

Respite services are provide as intermittent, temporary relief to the usual non-paid caregiver from the continuous support and/or care of the individual.

We believe in
Equal opportunities, fair access and diversity

Embracing Heart consistently and positively celebrates differences. We affirm the importance of equal opportunities because we:

  • Believe each person should be treated with gentleness and respect
  • Are committed to giving people equal opportunity and treating all people fairly
  • Welcome all people
  • Acknowledge our legal and performance obligations
  • Understand effective equal opportunity policies are a key part of the achievement of a quality business
  • Acknowledge that in society certain groups and individuals are unfairly discriminated against.

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